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Ermington Tennis Club 

Ermington United Sports and Recreation Club Inc through its volunteer-based Tennis Division has been providing the local community the opportunity to play tennis locally for over 60 years.


Court Hire

Location: 22A Cowells Lane,

                Ermington NSW 2115

Availability: 7:00 am and 10:00 pm

                    (bookings open 14 days in advance) 

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Register before you play to receive reduced rates and more. (Registration details are for Club reporting obligations with Tennis NSW and no other third parties)

  2. Click book a court, confirm your date and time, then PAY using Visa, MasterCard and or PayPal

  3. Once your booking is complete you will receive an email with a 9-digit code for the main front gate padlock.

  4. Court gates will automatically open 5 mins before your booking, if not, enter the code received in your email into the keypad on the wall inside the kitchenette.

  5. No refunds, but court hire can be changed due to wet weather by emailing (no bookings can be made via this email address, online only)

  6. Coaching programs are conducted “ONLY” by our Resident Tennis Coach. Please contact Heath Campling directly on 0401 368 426 to arrange coaching.

  7. Additional courts fees will be charged to the hirer if your booked times are not adhered to plus a $10.00 admin fee.

  8. No more than 4 people playing on a court at once.

  9. No food, breakable objects, gum, smoking or tobacco products are permitted inside the tennis court enclosure.

  10. No pets/animals are allowed in the tennis court enclosure.

  11. No bicycling, scootering, skateboarding, or rollerblading is allowed.

  12. Each player is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

  13. CCTV surveillance cameras monitor 24/7 and enforce policies, procedures and conditions applicable in relation to your use of EU Cowels Lane Tennis Complex facilities, to assist the management and security of its facilities, to deter crime and contribute to the safety for all using our facilities.

Rates: Day Rate (Before 5:00pm) 

             - Members* - 1hr $18.00

                                 - 2hrs $32.00

                                 - 3hrs $45.00

             - General Public - $23.00/hour


         Night Rate (After 5:00pm)

             - Members* -  1hr $23.00

                                    - 2hrs $42.00

                                    - 3hrs $60.00

             - General Public - $28.00/hour


*Membership is free when you register


            - 4 synthetic grass tennis courts

            - Lighting for evening play

            - Kitchenette and restroom facilities

              (Access provided with booking)

            - Close to Cowells Lane Reserve 

                - Play areas

                - Walking tracks

                - Off-leash dog park

"STRICTLY NO COACHING" (i.e. No Baskets, Boxes or Bags of balls allowed on courts to indicate any form of coaching. If a person is deemed by the Club to be coaching or being coached, no matter who booked the court, the court booking may be cancelled and no court fees will be refunded.

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