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The Sporting Past

The Cowell's Lane Clubhouse was opened by Councillor Keith McKinnon on 16th December, 1983. Meetings have been held there since on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, with the AGM being held on the 3rd Tuesday in November.

Ermington United Sports and Recreation Club has hosted a variety of sports over the years. Some have shown the test of time, namely Soccer, Netball and Tennis; however, Ermington United Sports and Recreation Club once hosted a variety of sports which, for one reason or another, have faded from public popularity in the area.


Ermington United Sports and Recreation Club  commenced playing cricket in August, 1965. Cricket was played at Cowells Lane Reserve (opposite the Tennis Courts). We were affiliated with the Northern Districts Cricket Association in 1966 and continued to field teams until the late 70's when many players moved on to play with Rydalmere.


Australian Rules Football commenced in February 1966 when Mr Murphy organised three teams to play at ELS Hall fields at Kent Road, North Ryde. In 1969 Ermington United Sports and Recreation Club had three registered teams; with 2 becoming Premiers and the third team Runner-up! Not a bad effort after only three years!! Unfortunately, in 1971, Mr Murphy withdrew the teams, so they could go it alone.


Archery was an interesting sporting addition in 1970. It began in April and was held at George Kendall on Sundays. The Archery Club was affiliated with the Epping Archery Club, but unfortunately, due to a lack of numbers, this adventure only lasted 12 months.


A Little Athletics section was commenced in September 1972. Mr John Simpson was the Secretary and Mrs Joy Peasley the Treasurer. In 1975, Ermington United competed in the State Championships. Michelle Rogers competed successfully and was selected as a State Representative in 1975. Once again, due to a decrease in numbers and interest , the Little Athletics survived only until the late 1970's.


Boomerang Throwing was introduced in March 1985. Mr Durant was given Honorary membership to Ermington United Sports and Recreation Club. The Boomerang Throwing Association of NSW were given the right to use the field at Cowells Lane every second Sunday for each month of competition.. This was a short association with only one competition taking place!


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